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Patching a Quarter Crack

AFA member Todd Meister, DVM,CJF graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1995 and then spent several years in a large mixed animal practice. He maintains a Pennsylvania Veterinary license. Todd began shoeing in 1991 and undertook an apprenticeship at Chester County Farrier Associates in 1993 where he is currently a partner. He has regularly cared for such high profile Advanced level event horses as Eagle Lion, Winsome Adante, and Critical Decision, and has served the US Equestrian Team since 2003, primarily in Show Jumping and Dressage.

Todd has been published in many popular equine related magazines, textbooks, and farrier and scientific journals in both the human and veterinary field.

His respect for the horses under his care is clear in his bio: "I think horses are the kindest and most tolerant of the domesticated animals. They are patient teachers and have given me a special opportunity to learn. We have to remember that we are all here for the horses."

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Vet-Farrier Jam Session

VISIT THE NEW AFA WEBSITE Vet / Farrier Jam Session   On Monday evening North Carolina Veterinarian Dr. Bibi Freer held another successful farrier/vet jam session at her home. In attendance were 3 vets and over 10 farriers. We convened around 6 pm and held introductions. After that we got down to business.  Two horses were brought in for consult. The first was an eventing mare who was having issues, riding being on  he forehand in dressage, not able to swap leads and  left lead dominant on the cross country course. The second horse was a gelding used for trails, he was grade 3 lame. Both owners gave descriptions of the problems they felt they were having.  After that we watched both horses be jogged and flexion tested. Once we all viewed the horses in motion, we all agreed to take radiographs. The mare had a negative palmar angle on

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